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Your Amsterdam wedding!

Discover the Charm of Amsterdam's amazing Weddings!  Are you ready to begin your Amsterdam wedding planning journey? Then you are in the right place! We know all the hidden treasures of Amsterdam's vibrant wedding scene,  where local vendors and unique locations meet to create a unforgettable wedding experience!

Immers yourself in an authentic Amsterdam wedding, from the colorful flower markets to canal-side wddding venues, we will take you by the hand and plan your magical Amsterdam wedding and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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What makes us unique? 

Amsterdam is multicultural! And so are we! Amsterdam is an incredible melting pot of cultures, and at My Forever Wedding's , we embrace the vibrant diversity that makes this city so unique!

Whether it's Dutch traditions blending seamlessly with other cultural influences or celebrating the joy of a multicultural wedding, we absolutely adore the magic that happens when different worlds come together.

Our weddingplanning team is fluent in both English and Dutch, and loves to think outside the box to create a truly personalized celebration that reflects your unique love story. Let us be your guide on this unforgettable journey, to plan a weddingday in Amsterdam that is as unique as the two of you!

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Symbolic or Ceremonial Wedding 

Are you thinking about having a ceremonial or a symbolic wedding ceremony? This is getting more and more populair! By choosing a ceremonial wedding there is no need to have a designated wedding venue.  So feel free to think out of the box and get married in a tulipfield or in your favorite pub in the heart of Amsterdam! Planning a ceremonial wedding works the same as planning a legal wedding ceremony, but without the high costs of the Municipality of Amsterdam, you will have more money left over for your wedding party!

Thinking out of the box

Maybe you don't immediately think of Amsterdam as the perfect location for your wedding. Getting married in Amsterdam is just that little bit different!  You can plan almost any kind of wedding in Amsterdam.

Modern wedding's including all the newist wedding trends with luxurious food and flowers. Or elope in Amsterdam with a intimate wedding ceremony in one of the the beautiful canal houses and then celabrate in a Karaoke bar! Amsterdam also has an indoor jungle! The Hortus botanicus where you can say I DO in a tropical rainforest, there are endless possibilities! 

We plan unforgettable moments! So Plan your Discover Call today to discover Amsterdam wedding's!