Destination Weddings

Planning your wedding experience

Out of the box destinations

Are you looking for something other than a traditional wedding? A wedding that truly fits your style? As expert destination wedding planners, we take the time to get to know you so we can create a wedding that is a perfect fit.

We love brainstorming new wedding ideas and exploring exotic destinations! Our planning process starts with two complimentary Discovery Calls via Zoom. During these calls, we'll get to know each other and you'll learn everything you need to know about planning a destination wedding. Schedule your first Discovery Call today and take the first step towards your dream wedding!

 Planning your wedding experience! 

Just imagine exchanging vows in the romantic countryside of France, the historic elegance of Italy, or the vibrant energy of Spain. Europe offers a wide range of breathtaking locations perfect for your special day. 

We make every destination wedding an unforgettable experience, whether you're planning a celebration with friends and family or a secret elopement

We are specialized in venues across Holland, France, Italy, Spain, and other stunning European locations, we work with a large network of international wedding planners and vendors to create the epic destination wedding you have always dreamed of!

Local Wedding Vibes

Embracing the essence of your destination is what we're all about! Through our dedication to partnering with local vendors, we ensure your wedding reflects the true "Local Vibe." It's this authentic touch that sets our services apart and makes your celebration truly unforgettable. 

While we won't be traveling with you,(unless you really want us too!) we partner with local experts at your wedding destination. These local vendors have in-depth knowledge about your location, understand how everything works, and have connections with the best and most reliable suppliers. This method is also budget-friendly, as you won't need to cover travel and accommodation costs for outside suppliers. 

Our Destinations

We collaborate with many unique wedding venues across Europe. Our strong connections, partners, and friends are located in some of the most beautiful and romantic destinations, including France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Ibiza,Tenerife and many more!!

Ready to explore these incredible European wedding destinations? Schedule a Discovery Call today and let us help you plan the perfect European destination wedding!

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Elopements & Micro wedding's

Are you dreaming of a small, intimate wedding abroad? Small destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular, offering a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether it's just the two of you or a select group of your closest VIPs, a small wedding abroad can be incredibly special.

Choosing a small wedding doesn't mean compromising on style or experience! With an intimate guest list, you can invest more attention and detail into creating a personalized and extraordinary "Wedding Experience." Imagine celebrating your love in a beautiful, secluded location with your nearest and dearest.

Let us help you plan the perfect intimate wedding abroad!

Personalized Planning 

At My Forever Wedding's your wedding vision is our top priority. Imagine exchanging vows in a breathtaking destination, tailored just for you. We specialize in planning your dream wedding abroad, turning it into a personalized and unforgettable experience. We listen to your wishes and create a wedding that perfectly matches your style and love story.

With our extensive network and trusted partners in stunning locations like Ibiza, Tenerife, France, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Denmark, Amsterdam and many other exotic destinations, we ensure you find the perfect wedding venue. Our expertise and connections allow us to offer you exclusive venues and unparalleled service.

Are you searching for a unique and extraordinary wedding location? Or do you want to brainstorm creative and unforgettable wedding ideas? Schedule a discovery call with us today, and let's embark on this exciting journey together to make your dream destination wedding a reality.