There is a lot to arrange before a wedding. Choose a professional master of ceremonies!

Why a professional MC? 

Often a good friend, friend or family member is asked for the task of master of ceremonies. The intention is that the person ensures that the wedding runs smoothly. The person is probably honored that you ask him or her, but also feels the pressure to do it right. That's why many couples choose to hire a wedding planner or professional master of ceremonies

If you are interested in me as your master of ceremonies, ask for a no-obligation introductory meeting, during the meeting I will also give you some tips for the completion of your wedding.

Professional Master of Ceremonies:

Are you looking for a professional master of ceremonies that ensures that your wedding day goes according to your schedule? My Forever Wedding's is the perfect solution for this important but intensive task. In close comunication with you, I make a detailed script and check all agreements made with your suppliers, and provide the "Finishing Touch!" to your special day.


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