It's your day, do it your way!


Every wedding is as unique as you are so dare to be different! Celebrate your love story your own way, and feel free to think out of the box. Theme weddings are totally hip! For example, choose a theme from your favorite Netflix series, such as Peaky Blinders or choose a festival theme with trendy food trucks. What suits you? What do you really love! Do it your way and enjoy every moment. In the Upcoming wedding season their are many popular themes, such as a vintage theme, fesitval wedding or a Glitter & Glamor wedding. We just love it! Here are some of our favorites themes for this season.

Urban City Wedding Theme

With trendy industrial details this Urban city wedding theme is very unique and makes for an unforgettable day! If your wedding is in a dutch city you can even ride your bike to your own wedding.  Do you live in a big city? and want to keep your wedding close to home? Then think of an Urban City wedding. With many  beautiful wedding locations, this new wedding trend shows that weddings don't always have to be grand and expensive to be beautiful.

Fesitval Wedding Theme

Festival weddings are becoming increasingly popular. A bohemian or festival wedding uses pure and natural elements to create a relaxed atmosphere. This type of wedding is usualy outside so you and your guests can enjoy the simplicity of nature.

Rustic Country Wedding Theme

One of the wedding trends this year is "Rustic Country",  outside garden wedding's, in the forest, or a farm wedding location. A country wedding, uses pure and natural elements mixed with many vintage and rustic styling items to create a relaxed atmosphere.  With a country wedding theme anything is possible, think of horses, cows or old cars, hay wagons, cacti or a real country saloon. There are many styling possibilities to give this theme your own country twist.

Colorful Rainbow Wedding

Create the WOW effect! Dare to be different and choose a Rainbow or Colorful wedding theme. 

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