The Finishing Touch 

Professional wedding planner.

My Forever Wedding's plans your dream wedding with love, creativity and enthusiasm. Whether you want an urban city wedding, a fully catered weekend in a romantic castle or even a intimate party with friends and family in your own backyard, everything is possible! 

We start by getting to know you both, your styles, your preferences, your favorite dishes and colors. Then we find the perfect match in our long list of experienced suppliers to bring your unique wedding vision to life!

We monitor and manage all contracts with the suppliers, schedule all meetings and location visits. We are present in every step of the planning process to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

My Forever wedding's can plan your whole wedding, from A to Z, or help with parts of your wedding. For example, the wedding itinerary, styling, and contact with the location and suppliers. Working together with you to plan your perfect wedding day, that is what we do best!

A stress free wedding day

My Forever Wedding's ensures that your wedding day is arranged to perfection, and no details are overlooked. we can help with the wedding budget, planning, wedding and party location, photographer, flowers, and styling. We are also present on the day itself as the contact person for all suppliers and guests as a master of ceremonies. By hiring a wedding planner you can enjoy your wedding day stress free and really live the experience of your big day!