Not just for the rich & famous

Not just for the rich & famous!

Wedding planners aren't just for the rich and famous anymore! Having a wedding planner is not luxury, It's just smart. Planners are here to help, we are good at what we do and have experience in solving all of your wedding planning problems. There are so many reasons why brides and grooms think they don't need a wedding planner, lets talk about some of those reasons:

"We are on a tight budget"

Did you know that your budget is a huge part of our job, we make everything fit! All weddings are budget weddings and almost every budget is tight. We take the time to talk over your budget and help you determine what you actually need and what you don't, saving you money and time. We may even be able to pull some strings and get you some awesome deals with some of our best suppliers. We have put together a free wedding budget worksheet to give you a kick start on your budget.

I want to plan my own wedding!

Of course you do! You want to do all the fun stuff, not the stressful annoying or crazy bits, like going through price lists, getting suppliers to finally reply, receiving deliveries and overseeing setup on your wedding day. With a planner you will still be planning your wedding but with guidance, focus and experience. We understand what you are envisioning for your wedding, and more than anyone else we know how to successfully make it happen. Our goal is to get to know you and become a real friend during the planning process so we can make sure your wedding reflects you and your fiance.

Having a weddingplanner will not take the joy and fun out of doing wedding things with your family and friends, and we are happy to give tips and suggestions about any project you are working on. So go ahead and DIY with your bestie or bake cookies with Grandma! You can have a planner and have your friends and family involved.

"My Venue has a planner"

Yes your venue has a planner, all venues have a "planner" but the truth is their concern is the venue, the food and the space you will be using. When it comes to planning, the only thing they will ask you is what time you want dinner to start. They wont make appointments for you, help pick out stationery or create a whole wedding day timeline. They will be there on your wedding day,  but they wont be there when you need someone to hold your bouquet, tell you when to cut the cake or put your overnight bags in the limo. So please don't consider a "venue planner" as an excuse for not having your own wedding planner.

"I can plan everthing myself"

All you hard working couples out there , why on earth would you want to add another full time job to your workload. Planning a wedding takes a lot of time so why not leave it to someone who knows what their doing. The biggest factor in deciding whether or not you need a planner is money, everyone is on a budget! We totally understand and have some great packages. All our wedding's are customized to fit you, your style and wedding ideas. Wedding planners are not just for the rich and famous, let us plan your wedding because you deserve an amazing wedding!