5 Reasons you should get married on an Amsterdam canal boat


On a boat your wedding venue is the city of Amsterdam!  Exchange your vows surrounded by the beauty of Amsterdam's iconic canals, with historic bridges and charming canal houses as your backdrop. Getting married on an Amsterdam canal boat offers a unique and unforgettable wedding experience that blends romance, adventure, and a touch of the city's rich heritage. So if you are dreaming of an unique destination wedding in Amsterdam, here are five compelling reasons why a canal boat wedding in might be the perfect choice for your special day.

1: Intimate & Private:

A canal boat, known as a "Saloonboot" in Amsterdam, offers an intimate and private setting that is perfect for couples looking to host a secluded wedding celabration. Unlike traditional venues, a canal boat allows you and your guests to sail through Amsterdam's iconic canals, surrounded by the city's historic architecture and beautiful waterways. This unique setting ensures that your wedding remains exclusive, with only your invited guests onboard. There's no need to worry about uninvited interruptions or onlookers, allowing you to focus entirely on celebrating your love in a personal and meaningful way. Whether you choose to exchange vows against the backdrop of charming canal houses or under the glow of evening lights dancing on the water, a canal boat wedding promises intimacy, privacy, and a truly memorable experience for everyone involved.

2: The Best Views

Imagine saying "I Do" onboard an Amsterdam canal boat, surrounded by breathtaking views of historic bridges, picturesque canal houses, and boats gracefully navigating through the heart of Amsterdam. It's a scene unlike any other in the world! Have a sunny daytime ceremony or a romantic evening candlelight cruise where the city's twinkling lights make the waters dance. On a boat your wedding venue is the city of Amsterdam! This incredible backdrop guarantees unforgettable moments and perfect photo opportunities! Getting married on a canal boat in Amsterdam offers a unique perspective of the city's beauty, blending the charm of its waterways with the elegance of a romantic and intimate wedding celebration. This is the perfect choice for couples seeking a memorable wedding experience in one of Europe's most enchanting destinations.

Fun fact: Did you know that kissing underneath the Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge) is believed to bring good luck? When planning your canal boat wedding we make sure to time your kiss perfectly under this beautiful bridge, adding an extra touch of magic to your special day! 

3: Flexibility

Choosing to have your wedding on an Amsterdam canal boat gives you the flexibility to design your day just like you always imagined it to be. Canal boats come in all shapes and sizes, offering the freedom to choose a boat that matches your wedding style, from a cozy vintage vessel to a modern and spacious cruiser. Also a big plus point is that boats are incredibly flexible in terms of where you can board and disembark! This allows us to plan a seamless experience for you and your guests. With options like onboard catering, music, and comfortable seating, you can create a relaxed and personalized atmosphere that captures your love story amidst the timeless beauty of the Amsterdam's canals.

4: It's Unforgettable 

Choosing to tie the knot on an Amsterdam canal boat promises a wedding that is anything but ordinary. It's an exciting adventure through one of Europe's most romantic cities! Imagine your guests boarding the boat, being greeted by the captain (with a captains hat) and handed a a glass of bubbles! After the official "I do's" your guests can indulge in delicious food and drinks, perfectly complementing the relaxed atmosphere of boat-life and Amsterdam. As the boat glides along the waterways, guests will have the opportunity to mingle, toast, and celebrate! Amsterdam has canal boats of all sizes, perfect for small intimate wedding's or larger parties, the onboard experience is unforgettable and will leave your guest talking about your wedding for years to come!

5: All-inclusive Convenience!   

Getting married on an Amsterdam canal boat combines unique charm with practical convenience! These boats are not just wedding venues but complete wedding packages themselves, equipped with all amenities onboard, from boat catering, music, even grand piano's for live music! Whether you prefer an indoor ceremony or wish to take advantage of the scenic outdoor views, canal boats offer versatile spaces that accommodate your preferences and weather conditions.(Although we always plan for sunshine šŸ˜‰)

The cost of a boat wedding is relatively budget friendly, depending of course on your wedding wishes and your guest list! All-inclusive boat wedding packages are available making this a stress-free option that ensures your wedding day is seamlessly organized and unforgettable!

Amsterdam Wedding planner  My Forever Wedding's- Photo's the girl with the camera*-Thanks dvar Amsterdam