Goodbye wedding stress!


5 tips to make sure you actually enjoy your wedding! 

You have spent a lot of time planning your wedding day. It's now time to enjoy it- especially in the moment! Remember that this is the beginning of your life together ! If your not careful stress and worry can take over and stop you from enjoying the moment you worked so hard to create.  Here are
5 tips to help every bride and groom enjoy a once in a life time celebration.  

1:  Be comfortable

It sounds so simple... so many brides make the mistake of thinking that they must wear those heels or that fashionable strapless wedding dress. It will be impossible to enjoy your wedding day if you are constantly pulling up your dress or have huge blisters on your feet. Be yourself and be comfortable, so if you never wear high heels don't feel like this is something you must do, wearing your favorite sneakers and a big smile on your face is way better than a beautiful pair of heels and tears in your eyes!

2: Be off-line 

Phones are a daily distraction, you don't want all those push messages distracting you on the best day of your life! Disconnect yourself from your online world and sit back and enjoy every moment of your very real wedding day! You have hired a professional photographer to take all of your pictures, so there is no excuses to be online! Turn off your phone, you won't regret it!  

3: Take a moment for together

Plan a moment in your wedding day timeline just for the two of you. You may find it a surprise but you have very little alone time together on your big day.  So take a moment together and enjoy being newlyweds! Admire your wedding ring's and steal a few kisses. Let your wedding planner know about your plans so they can have a glass of champagne waiting for you. 

4: Hire a good team of professionals

If you really want to relax on your wedding day, then you must have a good team of professionals. Hiring wedding vendors that are reliable and experienced will remove a lot of your wedding day worries. Your wedding planner will be handling all of the details behind the scenes with all of your vendors and guests. This will allow you to walk into your ceremony and reception knowing that everyone and everything is where they need to be and ready to have a good time. 

5: Clear your agenda

There is so much to do in the final weeks leading up to your wedding. But rather than leaving them all for the last minute, we recommends getting all projects out of the way early. Get all DIY  projects done before the week of your wedding! Having a stress free week before your big day will give you a calm and restful mindset that will also be present on your wedding day!

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