How to Choose a Wedding Coordinator.


Every wedding needs a coordinator.

If are you just starting out with planning your wedding, half-way through your wedding checklist or nearing the end of your planning process, you may be realizing that you need a little extra help. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and with so much to do, it is no wonder couple are choosing a professional wedding coordinator or wedding day manager!

Wedding coordinators are a essential member of your planning team! Whether you choose a friend or professional every wedding needs a coordinator, and your wedding is no exception. Deciding that you need a coordinator is not a hard thing to do, the challenges many couples face is how to pick the right wedding coordinator.

Friend or professional coordinator?

There are A LOT of moving parts to a wedding and wedding reception. For example... the caterer, the cake, wedding stylist, photographer, videographer, florist, makeup artist, hair stylist, musicians/singers, and the BABS to only name a few! A wedding coordinator will make sure that all of these people know exactly where to go, when to be there, and how they should set up. So do you choose a friend or professional as your day-of coordinator? We have designed a checklist to help you answer this exact question!

When choosing a wedding coordinator, friend or professional make sure you can check off these 6 points!

  • Does the person you have in mind have good communication skills? Can they communicate clearly and with confidence?
  • Can he/she handle stressful situations?
  • How do they react in situations where something goes wrong and not according to plan?
  • Do they have planning experience?
  • Do they have enough free time to take on this big responsibility?
  • Would they rather plan a party or be at the party? 

Make your wedding a success!

Choosing a wedding coordinator may seem like a tough decision, but it is one of the best choices you will ever make during your engagement. A wedding coordinator or Wedding day manager as we call it, is here to help and works behind the scenes to ensure you have everything you need to make your wedding a success!


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