The small cake advantage!


Who says you need to cut into a over sized cake at your wedding?

More and more couples are choosing for a mini version of the classic wedding dessert. Small wedding cakes are defiantly not a new concept. Bridal couples have been ordering smaller cakes for years often called "cutting cakes" and here's why. 

4 Reasons for a mini wedding cake

1:Budget friendly

Mini wedding cakes are perfect if your on a tight budget. This allows you to still have the look you and vibe you want on your wedding day pictures without the cost of a classic wedding cake. Adding a sweet table with wedding cookies and goodies is the perfect compromise, keeping you and your wedding guests satisfied.  

2: Eco-friendly

Uneaten wedding cake is on of the biggest contributors to the food waste problem.
1 out of 10 bridal couples admitted to throwing the wedding cake away! So choosing for a smaller cake is a good option if you are wanting a more sustainable wedding.  

3: Not everyone likes cake

Not everyone like cake, I know it's hard to believe... but it's true! As a wedding planner I have had several bridal couples that don't want a large cake simply because they are not a fan of cake. Instead they choose for a snack or sweet table filled with all there favorite goodies. 

4: Elopements and intimate wedding's

Thanks to the pandemic and our "new normal," small wedding cakes have another new purpose. They are ideal for more intimate weddings with fewer guests it no surprise that "COVID couples" are ordering small wedding cakes for their micro weddings, at-home ceremonies, and intimate elopements

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