Stop postponing & start eloping!


Are you tired of changing the date?

Planning a wedding with the ever changing COVID restrictions can be frustrating! Many of our couples are choosing a different route, they have stop postponing their wedding's and have chosen for an intimate elopement. So stop sending out those change the date cards and plan a intimate wedding for two!

Their are many reasons to choose a intimate elopement, Covid-19 being the most popular reason today, but elopements have been around since the 17th century! So what are some of the reasons you should plan an elopement instead of a big traditional wedding? We have made a list of some of our favorite reasons to elope! 

No Stress!

Planning a traditional wedding involves a lot of people and many opinions. This can be very stressful and overwhelming especially when you want to make everyone happy. Eloping eliminates the stress and allows you to start your lives with an epic adventure! 

There are no rules when you elope! You choose a location that reflects you as a couple and you share a the experience of being together and focusing on each other! How cool is that... a wedding that's all about love!!

Amazing pictures! 

Their is way more to life than posting the perfect wedding picture on your Instagram account, but lets face it, these days it's all about the pictures! A great picture not only look good in a photo album or on the wall, but they capture your the intimate moment of your love and hold the memory! 

Low carbon footprint!

The average wedding has around 150 guests and produces between 180 and 275 kilo's of trash!!! WOW ........ Let that sink in a bit..........this trash includes everything from food, napkins, plates, and hundreds of Euro's worth of fresh flowers.  By eloping you leave a smaller carbon footprint, leaving nothing behind and leaving and still having a unforgettable wedding experience! 

Money Saving! 

Although elopements aren't cheap, they are less expensive than a large wedding. Weddings are expensive! The average cost of a wedding in Holland is about €15.000.  An elopement can kost anywhere from €5.000 up to €12.000 depending on your wants and elopement location. Another bonus is that you don't have to book a separate honeymoon location!  

No matter what your reason is eloping will save you money by cutting out needless expenses that others consider a necessity.  Remember your day isn't about others, It's all about you and your love story! 

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