Dare to be different!


Thinking out of the box with a wedding theme.

Every couple is unique and therefore every wedding should be unique. Do you dare to be different?  A theme wedding can be as simple as a color scheme,a wedding style or as out spoken as a rock n roll wedding with guitars and Cadillac's.  Some of the popular wedding themes this season are urban city, outdoor chic and rainbow wedding's. Here are some of our favorite wedding themes this year.

The Urban City Wedding

Amsterdam is the perfect place for an Urban city wedding. From roof top locations with beautiful city views to old warehouse with an industrial look. Even your transportation to and from your wedding location can be in Amsterdam style, just ride your bike!  

Choosing for a city location has it's advantages, wedding venues are often stylish and need very little D.I.Y styling. Having a city wedding in the city where you live is also a big plus point, you and many of your guests won't have to travel far to enjoy your special day. 

The Outdoor chic wedding

One of our favorite wedding themes this year is outdoor chic.  Outdoor chic is the upgraded version of a bohemian wedding.  This outdoor wedding gives you the best of both worlds, the great outdoors with a feeling of luxury. Using lounge furniture, carpets and sparkling lights make this theme unique and so much fun. Add a coffee bar, a food truk or a BBQ to give this theme the finishing touch. 

The Colorful Rainbow Wedding

Embrace color!  Whether you go all out for a full rainbow wedding or just add a bit of color with accessories and decor this theme will make your day pop!  Using bright colors for a the wow effect!  If that's a little to daring for you stick to the soft pastels, either way have some fun with this theme you won't regret it! 

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